Scott Shrager


Scott Shrager founded Know Melanoma, Inc. in the summer of 2017. Prior to starting Know Melanoma, Scott worked at Kopp's Cycle, LTD. as the shop's youngest ever salesman/mechanic. Since Scott was 12 years old, he would go to his father's dermatology practice to observe surgery and patient consultations. He was always fascinated by skin cancer and, when Scott was 13 and his mother was first diagnosed with melanoma, he began learning all that he could about this most fatal form of skin cancer. After his mother's second diagnosis only a year later, Scott knew that he had to take all of his knowledge and passion and create a platform to help other people afflicted by melanoma. Know Melanoma was born!


Jeff Gross


Jeff Gross, a Washington D.C. native, joined Know Melanoma as a director in July of 2017. In addition to serving on the Know Melanoma Board of Directors, Mr. Gross is a principal at the real estate development firm, Brick Lane, of which he is a co-founder. Following his father's diagnosis of late stage melanoma, Mr. Gross advocated for melanoma awareness. Mr. Gross personally encourages people to have frequent skin examinations, and do everything they can to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. His background in brand development and community outreach makes Mr. Gross a valuable member of our team. He is dedicated to our cause, and his business acumen is highly valued. We appreciate his good-will and expertise as Know Melanoma strives to achieve its goals.


Advisory Board


Marc Voigt


Since 2012, Marc Voigt has been the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer of Immutep, LAG-3 Immunotherapy. He was then appointed Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director in July of 2014. Mr. Voigt has held executive positions at various biotech corporations across the world. His current position at Immutep makes him an asset to Know Melanoma. Immutep's lead drug, IMP-321, is an immunotherapy targeting the PD-1 protein. This revolutionary drug, which is currently being tested in clinical trials, is an extremely promising melanoma treatment. With his extensive knowledge of the biotech industry and emerging cancer treatments, we are thrilled to have Mr. Voigt on the Advisory Board.


Jay Deshmukh


Mr. Deshmukh is currently an IP Litigation Partner at Arent Fox firm, where he specializes in matters regarding the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act (Hatch-Waxman Act). Because of the nature of his legal practice, Mr. Deshmukh has a deep understanding of and familiarity with the pharmaceutical industry. A colleague of Mr. Deshmukh commented, "Jay has been engrained in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly two decades." Mr. Deshmukh's expertise serves Know Melanoma as it strives to achieve its goal of educating individuals on melanoma prevention, detection, and treatment.